institutional money coming
  • Bullish vs Bearish - 80%
  • Short Term vs Long Term - 5%

Cambridge Associates, an investment firm with $30 billion in assets under management, has come out and publicly endorsed crypto as a long term investment to its institutional clients (pension funds and endowments) according to a Bloomberg article.

In a research note published on Monday, an analyst from Cambridge Associates sated that the firm believes in long term investment potential of the crypto industry despite currently persistent downside and risk. The firm did preface the memo with, ‘Parties interested should consider allocation a significant amount of time into learning about the space first.’

This news comes on the heels of a recent announcement this past week which saw $40 million in crypto investments made by two pensions funds. The narrative of institutional money has been talked about since 2014 and we are now starting to see actual follow through and positive news come out directly from investment management firms such as Cambridge Associates.

We are still a year or two away from seeing mass entrance by institutions into crypto due to the current risks associated with custody, investor protection and extremely volatility. However, this is very bullish news for crypto in the long term and more headlines like this are very likely to follow.


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