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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies have crowded investment discussions like never before. The recent surge and then huge slump in Bitcoin prices have left many investors scared and distraught.

In fact, lack of awareness and insufficient knowledge are the biggest scourges for crypto traders and investors. Most newcomers are just buoyed by the talks of the stupendous gains. Unfortunately, they end up making some cardinal mistakes.

Knowledge is power, and it is best reflected in crypto where awareness and experience are key factors in determining someone’s success Therefore, we decided to shortlist some of the best-known crypto learning materials. They will add more power to your investment decisions and make you more profitable in the long term.


If you thought Twitter is your trusted news source for only political developments, think again. Twitter is a minefield of information for a wide range of subjects. Practically any topic under the sun will find sufficient mention and reference on Twitter. So, even for crypto learning materials, this is a great option to fall back upon.

Moreover, you can also get an expert perspective on the various developments in the crypto world. You can even use Twitter as a reliable resource to review a range of new ICOs that abound the crypto space. You may also be able to access a variety of influencers who can provide insight on a large number of crypto conflicts. You can also check out for full Guide For Crypto Twitter.


We believe that knowing technical analysis is a must in crypto since it’s one of the reliable tools crypto traders have at their disposal to predict and understand price movements. BabyPips does a great job in breaking down the basics and going through their entire course section will help you immensely in understanding key technical analysis indicators.

Decentralized TV

When you are on the lookout for the best crypto learning materials, you cannot ignore this powerhouse of information. Essentially a YouTube channel, it was created by the founders of the Bitcoin Pub.

What makes this channel a hub of activity is the active participation of the members of the crypto community. It is almost like the most happening hangout destination in the crypto world. They provide you a 360 degree perspective on the trade and developments in the crypto world. They also help members access a wide range of assets to sharpen their trading skills and stay on top of the game. They keep you informed about the latest developments and how you can capitalize on them. 


when you are looking for easily accessible and useful crypto learning materials, you cannot deny the role of books. The good news is, you have a host of some very well researched and effective books that help broaden your understanding of the crypto world. These include:

  • Digital Gold
  • How Money Got Free
  • Mastering Bitcoins
  • The Book of Satoshi
  • Technical Analysis of Financial Markets

Hop on Amazon and browse their blockchain/crypto section to find top picks and latest releases.


If you consider books as a good source of information, podcasts might be a step above. In fact, you can look at these as highly effective audio books that offer perspectives from multiple authors and experts. There is a wide range of extremely relevant and specific podcasts on a wide range of topics involving blockchain technology and crypto currencies. 

Security Product Reviews

Theft is one of the biggest problems facing crypto currencies. Securing your digital assets is a primary concern but the question is how do you decide on the best options?

Go through a host of security product reviews that give you access to your own private keys and cold storage options. A quick search on the internet will help you access a wide range of safe and reliable options. We also have a comprehensive guide on ensuring you stay safe and secure that can be found HERE.


Becoming knowledgeable about crypto and blockchain is a never-ending pursuit on a topic that is constantly changing and evolving. As long as you’re committed to gaining a foothold in this space and willing to put in the hours, you will surely come across free resources that will prove extremely valuable for your long term crypto success and we’ve outlined some of them for you above.


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