crazy things you can buy with bitcoin

Bitcoin captured mainstream attention last year after it increased over 1,000% in price. Most of us know that we can use Bitcoin to buy everyday things such as coffee and clothes. You can even use services that allow you to pay your bills in Bitcoin, and other services that load debit cards with Bitcoin which allow users to do everything they could do with a normal prepaid card. The problem with these services is they often involve extensive KYC policies and can charge high fees. Here, we cover twelve of the more niche needs that you can directly spend your Bitcoin on. Ranging from necessities to luxuries, this lists aims to broaden the ways you can use your Bitcoin.

  1. Apocalypse Preparation with

Amazon competitor,, has a long history with Bitcoin. It was one of the first major retailers to accept the original cryptocurrency as a form of payment. It played a key role in increasing the adoption of the cryptocurrency. Patrick Byrne, the company’s CEO, has been a huge advocate for Bitcoin and blockchain technology from the early years. Byrne has also been involved with the tZero project. Overstock sells a wide variety of items. Home items, watches, and clothing are some of the main areas. But if you are concerned about the zombie apocalypse approaching, you can go with the option of 30-day emergency food storage. This also includes a 45-day planner in case the zombies aren’t easily fought off and you need to extend the food an extra 15 days.

food storage

  1. Financial Apocalypse.

Gold has for a long time been universally considered the most secure store of value. When all else fails, we keep our faith that this precious metal will still be valuable. Over the last ten years, Bitcoin has earned the name digital gold. JM Bullion offers the option to buy physical gold with your digital gold. Other metals such as silver, platinum, and copper are also offered.

gold and metals

  1. Speculating on Other Assets

So physical gold can be purchased and delivered but your Bitcoin can also be used to speculate on financial instruments. Up until recently, 1Broker facilitated users to speculate in the traditional markets with their Bitcoin. Users could speculate in indices, equities, and commodities among others with their Bitcoin. Unfortunately, they are now being investigated by the SEC but this will not be the last of these type of services. In the cryptocurrency world, Bitmex enables traders to speculate on the USD price of Bitcoin and Ethereum along with a number of altcoins priced against Bitcoin.

  1. Luxury Items

The luxury market has gradually and steadily begun entwining itself with the cryptocurrency world. Whether it’s a marketing tactic or genuine interest in adoption doesn’t matter as we now have a diverse range of luxury products which are able to be bought with Bitcoin. We now have Bitcoin being used to buy luxury watches, high-end real estate, and yachts. Swiss watchmaker Hublot has just released a watch that will only be able to be purchased with Bitcoin. The limited edition Big Bang watch will only have 210 ever created, in homage to the 21 million maximum supply of Bitcoin.

  1. Adult Entertainment

The adult entertainment industry has been quick to adopt and experiment with cryptocurrencies. The encryption elements of the technology make it attractive to some customers who wish to remain private. Workers in the industry also see it as an attractive payment method after bad experiences with banks. The Legends Room, a strip club in Las Vegas, accept Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies. It is also spreading into other parts of the industry. Adult camming website LiveJasmin has begun accepting Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network.

  1. Going to Vegas.

Bitcoin can go a long way with a trip to Vegas. You will have a choice of hotels which will accept Bitcoin, including The D and The Golden Gate. You can also have your food covered. The Andiamo Steakhouse and American Coney Island both accept Bitcoin. There is also a large list of Bitcoin ATMs at your disposal.

  1. In Need of Good Karma?

Do you need to build up some karma points after all those luxury items, adult entertainment, and the trip to Vegas? Many charities have now begun accepting Bitcoin. Heifer International, Autism Speaks, and The Water Project are just a number of charities which accept the leading digital currency for donations.

  1. What about Food?

We all know we can use Bitcoin to buy the typical food with many coffee shops accepting it as a means of payments. But with Hublot releasing a luxury watch dedicated to Bitcoin, is the food industry mirroring this in any way? KFC Canada has released the Bitcoin Bucket. The only downside is it is only available in Canada.

  1. Do you need a Bigger Bang for your Bitcoin?

Many aren’t enticed to spend their Bitcoin on everyday items such as food. If you are looking to completely change your body with Bitcoin, then bodySCULPT in Manhattan offer a wide variety of plastic surgery treatments for both males and females and happily will accept Bitcoin as payment.

  1. Thinking Protection?

Gun policy is a debatable topic in the United States. What is not debatable is Central Texas Gun Works policy for accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment. Bitcoin can be used to purchase firearms, classes, and t-shirts on their website.

  1. Need to Organise a funeral?

If you need to arrange a funeral, burial, or cremation, Crescent Tide will allow you to do this with your Bitcoin. A 3% discount is also applied to those who pay with their precious Bitcoins.

  1. Florida County Residents can now pay their taxes in Bitcoin

A press release released in May announced that Seminole County Florida would now accept both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment for taxes. The acceptance was seen as no risk with BitPay being used to convert the payments into dollars. There were also benefits to Bitcoin noted with those who are going to choose this as a method of payment for their taxes being able to avoid high transaction fees of credit card companies. Arizona state is likely to follow shortly as they aimed to be the first to start accepting Bitcoin as payment for taxes.


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