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The Twitter is a minefield of information. So, it is not a surprise that even the world of cryptocurrency is channeling its resources on Twitter. In fact, there is a special hashtag ($) that is attributed to specific coins and comes before the coin symbol (ie: $BTC). It essentially refers to all crypto related tweets and information about these digital assets on Twitter.

One of the biggest advantages of Crypto Twitter is that it gives you insight from multiple experienced individuals and experienced. It is a fairly neutral medium, so you have a variety of views on crypto related topics without many filters or restrictions. The trick is to learn how to sift through sarcasm and trolling and help solidify your own position with additional information.

Most regular and celebrated crypto investors also invest their time actively on Twitter. They share their opinion, put forth their reviews and also offer investment tips. But you have to remember that the final investment decision is yours. You should not have to follow every advice verbatim. You have to match your investment targets with available options. That offers the best alternative and helps you realize maximum value from your investments.

But creating a proper list is important. You have to decide on whom to follow. Often you will see, that has a huge impact on your perspective.

Whom to Follow?

Crypto Twitter has many poster boys/girls. Your investment target and risk appetite will always impact the list of investors you follow. But remember most of these users are very heavily invested in crypto and their tweets will reflect their bias.

  1. Nick Szabo (@NickSzabo4): As the Twitter handle mentions, he is a pioneer of smart contracts. An expert on blockchain and crypto, he provides top quality expert advice. This Twitter handle will keep you updated on the latest developments and also provide a helpful analysis on the various aspects of crypto tech.
  2. Naval Ravikant (@naval): Unlike Szabo, he is not a coding expert but helps crypto followers with a solid fundamental view. Apart from his own views, he also assimilates the best-written articles and essays on blockchain developments and top triggers in crypto. This is a good place to develop an understanding of blockchain adaptation, bitcoin transactions and handling of the business aspect using blockchain.
  3. Vitalik Buterin (@VitalikButerin): The founder of Ethereum, he has a very strong presence in the Crypto Twitter community. He warns investors of potential scams and even raised red flags on crypto valuations. If you are too buoyed by the euphoria around crypto, he can easily pull you back to reality. He puts forward a practical and pragmatic perspective.
  4. Andreas Antonopoulos (@aantonop): His Twitter profile describes him as an entrepreneur dealing with Bitcoin, open blockchains, security. He is also the author of two celebrated cryptocurrency publications, Mastering Bitcoin & The Internet of Money. He offers comprehensive understanding of various elements of Bitcoin and provides compelling analysis and educational resources for his followers.
  5. Gavin Andresen (@gavinandresen): The Chief Scientist at Bitcoin Foundation, he is one of the most commonly followed voices in crypto world. He is very forthright in his opinion and voices his views quite freely. The range of discussions include blockchains, new coin issues, crypto security and more. It is a kind of Twitter handle that will surely help you develop strong insight.
  6. Charlie Lee (@satoshilite): He is the creator of another common AltCoin – Litecoin. Lee also served as director of engineering at Coinbase before he started Litecoin. He is very active on Twitter and offers perspective on every new development in this field. 2017 was a marquee year when his list of followers saw a sudden spike to 558,000 from 30,000 earlier.
  7. Roger Ver (@rogerkver): Some industry regulars often refer to him as a little controversial. He is supposedly the first investor in Bitcoin startups. His initial posts were largely about Bitcoin, and now it is mostly about Bitcoin Cash. Nevertheless, you can get some insightful yet controversial insights from him on Twitter.
  8. Elizabeth Stark (@starkness): She is often considered the architect of what is perhaps the second layer of Blockchain future and is also a very prominent female voice in crypto world. What really sets her apart is her strong views on the ICO craze. She is a rather ruthless critic on this matter.

There are many other vices that you may want to follow on Twitter. After all, crypto twitter is dynamic with ever-changing perspective on most issues. You have to look for views and personalities who match your investment goals and targets.

Beware Of Twitter Scams

With that said, you have to take every view with a pinch of salt. The basic idea is that the world of crypto is still in its developing stage. As a result, you have a large host of individuals with limited experience trying to establish themselves as crypto experts which is not the case. There are also a lot of scammers trying to capitalize on a largely unregulated space.

One of the most popular scams is conditional airdrops where scammers pretend to be official official accounts of coin founders and foundations that offer airdrops if you send X amount coins to a specific wallet. Be careful and don’t fall for this.

You also have to be on the lookout for people promoting coins that have initially seen a large increase in price and calling for unrealistic targets. This is what is commonly refereed to as “Dumping on your followers.”


Crypto Twitter is gradually coming of age. The advantage of Twitter is that you get access to a lot of very smart individuals that have extensive experience in crypto. Bad actors also try to interject in this space and you must always filter the accessed information. But knowing whom to follow and what to watch out for will set you further ahead of most people when using CT and its immense amount of information, opinions and data.


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