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Your One Stop Spot For All Things Crypto

Welcome to the world of tomorrow. Where cryptocurrencies dominate the global financial market and you are a part of the most exciting crypto community at WokeBit! Now you can find out everything about latest crypto news, market updates, analysis and much more by simply visiting Wokebit! No more guessing, no more rumours through the grapevine, no more fake news.


Who Are We?

We are a group of reporters, traders and analysts who want to offer everyone the opportunity to learn about more about the crypto market, new developments and exciting opportunities. After becoming a part of the initial crypto trend, we set out to help traders interested in crypto get started and stay updated.


Why Are We Doing This?

When we first got involved with crypto, there were no reputable sources of information when we wanted to find out more, stay on top of the latest developments and discover new opportunities. That’s why we created WokeBit with the mission to make it a one stop hub for all things crypto related.


How Are We Doing This?

Our team of dedicated news correspondents, analysts and traders spend hundreds of hours a week researching, scouring and analyzing latest information related to crypto so that you don’t have to. Our experience helps filter the noise from what’s really important and deliver that information directly to you.

After Many Sleepless Nights, Empty Energy Drink Cans And Endless Hours Of Research, Wokebit Was Born!

Problem – If you have ever tried finding a crypto community that provides real-time news, coin prices, in-depth market analysis and useful crypto related info then you already know that it’s really hard to find everything in one place.

Solution – We scour the internet for latest news and market developments happening in crypto. We then filter that information and deliver only the must see insights and analysis to our readers. No fluff, no shills, just that must know content.

Combined Years Of Experience
Team Members

It is inevitable that crypto and blockchain will invade and become a staple of our everyday lives in the foreseeable future. By choosing WokeBit you will learn, discover and explore latest news, industry insights and a world of new opportunities that crypto can offer. And if you’re all about that next level or looking to capitalize on the next trade, join WokeBit Alpha and discover a new world of opportunities today!